Here is the video that is getting people glued to the screen, wait until they jump


When you keep practicing something, it eventually gets ingrained into you and pairs up with your instincts. It’s the reason why it gets easier to perfect a skill by continuously trying it out over and over again. From what you can see in this cool video, you canbet that these cute ladies have had lots of practice in this. They’re just perfect!

So sit back and train your eyes to witness this incredible 2009 dance-in-the-water performance by a UK swimming team in Montreal. Dressed in bright colors that reflect so well to keep you glued to the action, these ladies work their bodies to the tune of “We Will Rock You” by Queen. Truth be told, they’re surely rocking!

Hit the play button on the video and prepare for one heck of a high performance moment that could leave you with dropped jaws. By the time they’re through with it, you’ll be looking for the SHARE button!

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