You’re Not Going To Slaughter It. I’m Smiling!


Horses are used to work plows and other things in farms, but when they can’t do it anymore, some people just sell them off for slaughter. The purchases are made through auctions, where the buyers and the sellers meet and do their deals.

However, the Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue is working to stop that, and in a way that you’ll find very interesting.

These guys attend the auctions and pick out the horses eligible for rescue. Then they outbid the buyers on those horses by driving the price up so it becomes unprofitable for the slaughter-houses. That way, they can take the horses to their Mount Airy, MD farm where they can continue enjoying their sweet lives without worrying about butcher knives and auctioneers.

Sometimes, the horses are kept separately for 3 weeks in order to evaluate their health conditions as well as their training levels. The joy these guys get from helping the horses is unmatched. They’re always happy, and that’s just one of the incentives of being kind to these creatures.

After the quarantine, the animals are put up for adoption. If you want to adopt one, you have to prove that you’re going to care for it till the end. It’s that serious!

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